Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Week 9 Part 1

The words that I used to search on twitter to find connections related to my business were home loans, home lenders, realtors, accountants, home loan writer, mortgage, real estate. I found a United Home loans writer calls Brandon Hoops, Realtors such as Debby Maynard, Boracina House Buyer, Cody Dreger,, Kcmohomebuyer, Vida team, SA Home loans, ICAEW, and ACCA.

I have created two lists Home lenders and Accountants to organize them by category and because it will help me to save time and energy for my future posts. For instance, if I need to post an event and I want to reach the accountants and their clients, I can go directly to my account list and post my event for them. It is important to post frequently, and in the future, I can also determine the times in which my customers do more likes and comments.

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