Friday, May 24, 2019

Wrapping It Up

Even though I am not having a good time I feel that I learned a lot in this class. The best of all is that I enjoyed learning how to use social media for business. I was so excited about the many features that Facebook have to promote business. For instance, choosing the age of the people who can see your business page. I have learned for the first time how to use Instagram and Twitter for business, and how to post on the three pages at the same time via Hootsuite.
I enjoyed this class so much that I also open another page on Facebook for Doterra essential oils which calls Giuliana's Oil Club and I also post some good information about essential oils, however, I have three or two weeks without posting anything because I am having personal issues right now but I am sure where everything had been done, I will continue with those pages because I love working on the computer. I also think when I get more experience I can find a job to promote businesses in social media.  

Friday, April 26, 2019

Week 8 Part 2

I am enjoying this research so far, I found a mortgage broker Anthony Casa who uses videos and pictures for his Facebook page. I noticed one of the pictures is from in which I just signed up to get more information but I need to wait for their response. The page has information about why become an independent owner-broker, how to grow your market, and how to set up my organization tools. I think I can find quality information to increase my knowledge about mortgage broker and share some important information to Turaz Facebook page. Another picture from the same broker shows a link from  www.findamortgage which I also visited for the first time. This page let us find an independent mortgage broker near us by entering our address and then it finds all the brokers close to our house. There is also a box where we can change the miles for how close to our house we want to find the brokers. 
I try entering my address and it shows a lot of businesses around, some of them have reviews, other not, but this information can help me a lot to search for the information they are sharing on their social media so I can also share it.  
For instance, I just clicked on one of the companies that have 5 stars review. I can see the address where they are located which is Encinitas, phone number, a link to send an email to the owner, and a website link. I clicked the website and I am on their facebook page which I liked as Turaz page. The name is Michael Deery & Citywide Financial - Your Mortgage Experts. Their last post was 6 hours ago. They are constantly posting pictures links about rates, fixed mortgage terms, rent vs. own and more. Their webpage is full of graphs and information about tips for buyers, housing and market, refinance, how to lower your property tax bill, news for first-time buyers using down payment assistance and more. 
My third victim :) is Roya Nasr Mortgage Broker. She had her last post on March 22 and she only has shared one picture from United Wholesale Mortgage which is the same webpage I use to promote Turaz Home Loans, so nothing interesting here. 
During my research, I also found a post made by a broker but sorry I don't remember the name, my bad. However, It is a Facebook page called Mortgage Broker Memez. which as its name share lots of mortgages memes. I think adding a little fun on Turaz page would be good but I prefer to wait until It gets more likes and followers.
I think visual works wonderfull for Turaz and other types of business especially the ones who sell products. Turaz needs to share information about rates and mortgage tips, share links with the latest rates on the market, however, If all this information is accompanied with pictures and graphs and charts will make more impact to the visitors.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Week 11 Part 1

The time to send newsletters from Turaz would be at least every month. I do not want to overwhelm my customers or possible customers with a lot of emails. However, I would try to send quality emails with only essential and the necessary information to keep the audience involved. It is essential that the newsletter shows its logo to help Turaz look like a trustworthy professional business and to create name recognition. I would share pictures with information about current rates, or promotional offers. I would also invite current clients to leave feedback about our services and encourage them to recommend our services to friends and family, and I would compensate the favor with $20 Visa gift card or a $15 Starbucks gift card. I would also use the statistical tool to make sure all the people who read and interact with my emails receive Turaz newsletter every month. Moreover, I would add a box of subscribing to let everyone the option to receive Turaz newsletters every month.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Week 10 Part 2

A blog for Turaz Home Loans should be easy for visitors to navigate and connect with the company. One of the categories that I would include on Turaz blog would be "San Diego Mortgage Rates" to keep visitors up to date with the mortgage rate and how the market current condition is.  I would also add "Refinance Mortgage Loan," "Tips for Home Buyers," "Mortgage Lender" This categories will not only help to lure new clients into discovering and learning more about Turaz but will also keep its existing clients in their top of mind.
I have commented on:
Elena Cohen
Mary Goulet
Cristina Ayala

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Week 10 Part 1

Blogs are a suitable type of communication between the company with their customers or future ones. When writing a post, it is better to create a human connection based on the writer thoughts and opinions to establish a relationship between the writer and readers. Especially if I have a business that has a lot of competencies in the market, adding human interest to a post can appeal to people emotions making them recognize the difference between my business and the other ones selling the same products or offering the same services. However, when a company decided to hire the services of a blog writer, the writer will focus on advertising the company, but he or she does not know about the company as much as an owner or employees know by experience so the blog will be more in general form than in a human way.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Week 9 Part 1

The words that I used to search on twitter to find connections related to my business were home loans, home lenders, realtors, accountants, home loan writer, mortgage, real estate. I found a United Home loans writer calls Brandon Hoops, Realtors such as Debby Maynard, Boracina House Buyer, Cody Dreger,, Kcmohomebuyer, Vida team, SA Home loans, ICAEW, and ACCA.

I have created two lists Home lenders and Accountants to organize them by category and because it will help me to save time and energy for my future posts. For instance, if I need to post an event and I want to reach the accountants and their clients, I can go directly to my account list and post my event for them. It is important to post frequently, and in the future, I can also determine the times in which my customers do more likes and comments.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Week 8 Part 1

I have created a business page on Instagram and Twitter for Turaz Home Loans. I also think that opening an account on Pinterest would be a great idea to promote my business. However, we do not have videos to share yet so I will wait for opening an account on youtube. I am enjoying this class so much that I have also begun a facebook page for DoTerra Essential Oils which I just signed up as an advocate. Therefore, I think opening an account on youtube for this page will be a great way to share videos about recipes of essential oils for specific situations, and even videos of classes about how people can incorporate essential oils in their life and how DoTerra essential oils can help their health.

Wrapping It Up

Even though I am not having a good time I feel that I learned a lot in this class. The best of all is that I enjoyed learning how to use soc...