Thursday, February 14, 2019

Week 4 Post 1

  • Potential problems from visitors:
I would align the text from the center to the left so visitors can easily read the information following visitors natural E-Reading habit. I would also add a feature where customers can ask questions about the product since it is important to keep contact with the clients when we are selling something. I would also add their social media icons to create a closer connection with their visitors. The pages are long to scroll down so I would prefer if it had a feature that let me go to the top after clicking it on it.
I would align the text at the left to make the webpage easy to read and professional. I would leave more space between the pictures, They are very close to each other and makes the webpage have a messy look. It is hard to see the words under the list of the links that take me to their next pages because they are written with a picture background. I would make the background in one color that contrasts the red color of the words. I would also put them at the top of the page going from left to right instead of in a vertical way because of that way will be more comfortable for the visitors to navigate on the rest of pages.

  • What they have done right:
I think they did a good job building this website. I like how the video is related to the service they offer. I think it is easy to read since the welcoming message is align to the left. I like how they put their social media logos, so the visitors are able to click on each one to go to see them. The contrast colors of white under the green background for the text makes it easy to read and navigate to other pages. I can also see the logo at the left of each page, It has the right size that makes a branding impact on the visitors. Also, visitors do not have to scroll down a lot to see the information about the business.
I think this website is well organized. The pictures of the events have a good space between each other, so they do not seem a mess. This website is also colorful which get attract from their visitors. It has different bright colors for the text with a white background that take visitors to navigate to the various pages of the website. At the end of each page, there is an icon that says back to the top, so visitors where visitors can click on it and the page automatically bring them the view to the top of the page. They also have a link that brings visitors to subscribe to receive newsletters from the organization.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Week 3 Part 2

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Google, Wanelo
The last post on Instagram was 1 hour ago
The last post on Facebook was 10 hours ago
The last post on Twitter was 2 hours ago
The last post on YouTube was 10 hours ago
The last post on Pinterest was 20 hours ago
The last post on Google was Jan 30, 2019
The last post on Wanelo was 2 days ago

Sephora's Instagram account is active because if you look at the dates of the first five post are before 24 hours. Sephora using social media is a good way to attract new customers. The workers at Sephora use Instagram a lot of the time because when the store releases a new product, they want to make sure people know. Google and Wanelo are new social media platforms for me.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube
The last post on Instagram was an hour ago
The last post on Facebook was an hour ago
The last post on Pinterest was 23 hours ago
The last post on Twitter was 8 hours ago
The last post on YouTube was 6 days ago

Express's Instagram account has 793k followers who comment and support their pictures and videos. Many owners and managers want businesses to have social media to inform people about a new product. Express has many features which shows what is trendy and store events. There is also a customer service feature to go to their website or to call.

Brandy Melville
Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
The last post on Instagram was 1 day ago
The last post on Twitter was Jan 25
The last post on Pinterest was (I could not find it)

I found the store Brandy Melville by my 12-year-old daughter. They promote their store in the three most common social media's. On their media's they post pictures of how to match outfits. Wow! they even have 3.8 million followers on Instagram.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, and Pinterest
The last post on Facebook was Jan 8, 2019
The last post in Google was Jan 08, 2016
The last post on Twitter was 1 day ago
The last post on Instagram was 1 day ago
The last post on Pinterest was 1 month ago

The first time I walked into Starbucks I was amazed at how nice the workers were, and fast and delicious my drink came out. Like other businesses, Starbucks includes many different media's. On all of their media's they seem to be getting a lot of like's, which go up to around 100,000.

Panca Peruvian Cusine
Last post: 3 days ago
This is a Peruvian restaurant located in Oceanside. The food is really good. I used to go there with my family and friends. It is my first time searching their website since all the time I have seen their info, reviews, pictures, and open hours on Facebook. What I call my attention is that on their website only appears the Instagram logo and not the Facebook one. They have 954 followers and plenty of pictures showing not just their food served, but also customers inside the restaurant. Their last post on Facebook was on Feb 6, 2019.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Week 3 Part 1 Blogs I commented on

Arianna Feliz
Latasha Cross
Cristina Ayala

Week 3 Part 1

Several times I have called to different businesses and they do not answer the phone or they put me in a long recorder voice giving me directions to follow. Then when I finally passed the long recorder I managed to talk with a representative and for some reason, the call got cut by itself so I had to call them again. It is frustrated to come to this point.

have found stores and restaurants on Facebook to look at their website. I try to find if they have customer service via chat or phone number. I have also sent messages via Facebook but they have responded my questions after 24 or 48 hours sometimes more than that. 

The best experience that I had is with Apple customer services. They have an application and I can chat with them if my MacBook is not responding, I have also chat with them on my MacBook when my phone did not want to turn on. Both times they answered all my questions and they guide me to fix the problem. I like them because I could also send them screenshots of what appeared on the screen while I was followed their directions.

I will always respond to my customers in a polite manner and thank them for taking the time to write a review. For negative comments, I would also thank them and promise them that we will work on the inconvenient to keep the best customer service. I would also give them a discount to do not lose them as clients.

I have navigated on a webpage before and I see a button that says chat available or chats with an agent, I have click on it and appears a big message saying me to call the store during their scheduled hours. I think they do not need to have that button if they are not able to answer customers questions.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Week 2 Part 2 Blogs I commented on

Cristina Ayala
David Domicle
Michelle Jordan

Week 2 Part 1 In my opinion

In my opinion, the most used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although I do not use Twitter and Instagram, I often hear my friends talking about using them.

I think Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the most common platforms used from businesses. However, since Facebook is the one that I most use I think it is the better platform to use to promote a business. When I want to know about a business I find their webpage but also I find them on facebook to read reviews from their customers, especially when I want to go to a restaurant for the first time, I can read about the quality of the food, prices, customer service, and location.

In my opinion, Instagram and Facebook are more suitable for personal and business use. I think twitter is most useful to express opinions and to debate about specific topics.

Week 4 Post 1

Potential problems from visitors: I would align the text from the center to the left so visitors can easily read...